The place for your Other Email

Everyone needs an extra email address. Hotmail is big. GMail is, well.... Google. Yahoo- the name says it all. Excite - if only it did. That is why I created OtherEmail many years ago. It is my attempt to create an easy email address to remember when I wanted something that was not related to my work email and not associated with those free email services. If you already have an other email account then just click the link at the top. If you want one you can try to convince us you need it. The best reasons submitted explaining why you need a not-so-throw-away email address on our dime will get an account. Just send an email to us at If we don't reply then either the mailbox has been slammed with spam (it is on the front page after all) or your reason didn't meet our secret standards. By the way- we charge 5 bucks for whining about not getting an email address.